The word omics refers to a field of study in biological sciences that ends with –omics, such as genomics, proteomics, or metabolomics. The ending -ome is used to address the objects of study of such fields, such as the genome, proteome or metabolome, respectively.

  • Omics and Systems biology

  • Omics and cancer research

  • Omics and basic studies 

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ByOMICs provides a wide range of products to support your OMICs studies. Our products simplify your process of laboratory tests from sample preparation stage down to the data acquisition and analysis

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We are ready to accelerate commercialization process of your ideas and products. Having an expert team of commercialization, ByOMICs is ready to work with researchers and inventors to turn their ideas into action

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By having access to high quality laboratory instruments, ByOMICs provides a wide range of lab services including instrumental services, experimental design and laboratory tests and data analysis

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